Insta Global Ventures

Insta Global Ventures

Instacredit’s IGV program invests in cutting-edge Fintech, SaaS,
Consumer, and AI technologies around the Globe.

About IGV

Insta Global Ventures (IGV) is the venture capital arm of Instacredit, a company with 24 years of experience offering financial services in the Central American region.

IGV invests in early-stage companies in the Fintech, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Consumer sectors. We have a global focus, seeking investment opportunities in regions with mature entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Our mission is to develop valuable relationships with our portfolio companies through our experience in the financial services, technology, and Venture Capital industry.

We also work with our portfolio companies to explore their expansion into the Central American and Latin American region.

What we offer

Access to capital

We provide early-stage companies with the capital they need to grow and succeed.


Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the Financial Services and Technology industries as well as the Latin American region.


We have a wide network of contacts in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, which can help our portfolio companies connect with potential customers, partners, and investors.

If you are a company looking for venture capital funding, we encourage you to contact us.
We are always looking for new and exciting investment opportunities.

About Instacredit

Established in the year 2000 in Costa Rica, Instacredit has been on a mission to empower low to middle income classes with financial opportunities through micro and personal loans.
We’ve since expanded our reach to Panama, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, all while promising to offer unique experiences and products to our clients.​
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Insta Global Ventures Leadership

Carlo Blasio

Director of Venture Capital

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